let it flow

Let it flow!

We always try to implement our creative ideas in our boxes. Most of the time, we succeed ­čśë At the moment, we’re working on an alternative version of the “KiBo Medium”. If you have already clicked your way through our shop, you may have noticed our KitchenBox model with two gas cookers. We wanted to give you the opportunity to cook on two hobs simultaneously and decided to use two separate cookers with this version. This gives you the maximum freedom. Only need one hob? Simply leave the second one stowed away. Whenever convenient, simply set up both cookers and take advantage of using two hobs simultaneously.

Or order a sink with a 5-litre freshwater instead as an alternative to the second cooker as our “Let it flow!” option – the choice is yours. That way, you’ll always have a fully-fledged outdoor kitchen with you.
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