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Some water for our baby – KitchenBox Small

What happens when we cross our KitchenBox Small with our “Let it flow!” configuration?
The result is our KiBo Small “Let it flow!”, quite possibly one of the smallest and most compact kitchen boxes ever built, sporting a stainless steel sink and a 12-volt drinking water pump.

KitchenBox Small
The 2nd KiBo Small “Let it flow!” equipment package

The KiBo Small “Let it flow!” as we call it, is built using a stainless steel washbasin with a diameter of 28 centimetres. This makes the basin only 4 centimetres smaller in diameter than our KiBo Medium “Let it flow!”. The drinking water pump sports the following features:

  • dry-running safe for up to 2 hours
  • suitable for continuous operation
  • running time 450 – 500 hours
  • for pumping clean water up to max. 60°C

The pump is powered by a highly cycle-resistant 12-volt AGM top-performance battery. It’s built for high-intensity usage and should last for at least 10 years. The battery is designed for heavy use and has a design life of at least 10 years.

Product details
Capacity (Ah):3,4Ah
Dimension:L:134mm x B:67mm x H:67mm
Connectors:F1 Flachstecker – Faston (4,8mm)
max. charging current:0,96A
Cycle stability:1550 at 30% DOD
Trickle charge:13,8V
max. end of charge voltage14,8V
Circuit:Pole end
Battery technology:AGM glass-fibre fleece

This battery is the same we use in our KiBo Medium “Let it flow!”. The difference is that this model doesn’t have a freshwater tank. You can unroll the hose along with the pump, insert it into any freshwater canister and put it next to your KiBo Small “Let it flow!”. So even though it actually features a full sink, the Kitchenbox Small still offers plenty of storage space for pots and pans, cookers, cups, plates and other equipment.

kitchenbox small
Plenty of storage space despite being equipped with a sink.

As always, the worktop choice between Acacia and paulownia wood is entirely yours.
And as with all other KiBo’s, three different packages are available for you:

  1. The empty KiBo Small “Let it flow!” without camping cooker, crockery or pots.
  2. Including the highly stable and powerful Bivouac camping cooker and a matching CV 300 Plus gas canister. Both made by CAMPINGAZ, of course. . The Bivouac has an output of 2,600 W, which is 400 W more potent than our Camp’Bistro DLX cooker.
  3. In addition to the cooker and the gas cigarette, you’ll also receive our pot set, two dinner plates, two bowls, two cups, a cutting board, a spatula and a kitchen roll. No surprise, then, that we’ve named this package our “carefree package”.
kibo small
Camping Kitchen KitchenBox

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