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KiBo Micro – Package 3

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Our smallest KitchenBox has some impressive new features under its compact hood. Improvements were made starting with the actual aluminium case: we no longer use the “BASIC” model of our ALUTEC boxes but upgraded to the “CLASSIC” series instead. Level up your game!

  • Lightweight yet solid, and corrosion-, weather- and temperature-resistant
    Made from 0.8 mm thick aluminium
  • Sturdy lid that opens wide for more comfort
    sporting two catch straps for hinge relief
  • Container and lid have been reinforced
    with quality aluminium profiles
  • Shock-proof and stable construction
    with embossed reinforcing beads
  • Space-saving edge frame construction
    making the box stackable
  • Dust and splash-proof
    due to its long-lasting rubber seal
  • Robust, securely locking lever-action
    with cylinder locks
  • Ergonomic, self-collapsing safety handles
    featuring heavy-duty, non-slip plastic coating

Like other KitchenBoxes, we seal our Micro from the inside with silicone to protect it against wet conditions. And with just 430 x 335 x 270 millimetres, our KiBo Micro should find its new home about just anywhere, even in the smallest spot. Our KiBo Micro – Package 3 is what we like to call our “carefree package”. And as you would expect from something that’s genuinely carefree, this compact and lightweight camping kitchen comes fully equipped with everything you’ll need for cooking outdoors… except ingredients. The box comes with:

  • Worktop of your choice
  • 1x CAMPINGAZ gas cooker
  • 1x CAMPINGAZ gas cartridge
  • 1x pot set
  • 2x enamel plate (diam. 26 cm)
  • 2x enamel cup (diam. 6 cm)
  • 2x enamel bowl (diam. 16 cm)
  • 1x kitchen roll
  • 1x olive wood spatula
  • 1x bamboo chopping board
  • 4x wild herb spices of your choice
  • 1x windshield for gas cooker
  • 2x Primus stainless steel cutlery

The premium wild herb spice blends are made by our friend Hendrik from “Kraut und Korn”. Together, we have chosen six different herb mixes for you, from which you can pick any four for your KiBo. You can choose from:

  1. Greens
    Basil, parsley, nettle, chives, speedwell, mallow, chervil, pokeweed, rose petals, marigold petals, cornflower petals, lavender, and elderflower, lovage, white clover petals.

    Our recommendation:
    Perfect for your salad dressing.
  2. Forest walk
    Pine needles, blueberries, spruce shoots, spruce needles, pink peppercorn berries, rock pea, borage seeds, juniper, savory, blue fenugreek, and quender herb.

    Our recommendation:
    To refine your sauces.
  3. Untamed
    Paprika, chilli, onion, elderflower, ribwort, mixed peppers, wild garlic, blackberry leaves, nettle seeds, yarrow flowers, lemon peel.Recommendation:
    For pasta sauces and meats.
  4. Wild herb pepper
    Mixed peppers, nettle seeds, chaste seeds, parsley seeds, lemon pepper, elderflower, chervil, allspice, blue fenugreek.Recommendation:
    Infusing grilled vegetables, pepper butter or cream cheese on a delicious loaf of bread: possibilities are endless.
  5. Wild 13
    Natural rock salt (50%), wild garlic, watercress, celery seed, blackberry leaves, chives, nettle, chaste seeds, grains of paradise, ribwort, yarrow herb, elderflower, sorrel clover, bay leaves.Recommendation:
    Deliciously buttered wild herb baguette
  6. Herb sugar No.1
    Panela sugar, lemon balm, lemon thyme.Recommendation:
    Your definitive all-rounder sugar for baking, cooking and cocktails.

Climate protection in real life: When you buy a Kitchen Box, a small tree gets planted by PLANT-MY-TREE® and will spend its life contributing to our atmosphere and environment! Once you’ve completed your purchase, you will receive an individual tree certificate with your personal tree number and its exact GPS location. Together we can make a difference protecting and regrowing Germany’s forests.

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Acacia wood, Paulownia Wood

Spice 1

Forest walk, Greens, Herb Sugar #1, Untamed, Wild 13, Wild herb pepper

Spice 2

Forest walk, Greens, Herb Sugar No.1, Untamed, Wild 13, Wild Herb Pepper

Spice 3

Forest walk, Greens, Herb Sugar No.1, Untamed, Wild 13, Wild Herb Pepper

Spice 4

Forest Walk, Greens, Herb sugar No.1, Untamed, Wild 13, Wild herb pepper


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