The KiBo Micro is the entry model into the world of outdoor cooking. Our smallest KitchenBox has some impressive new features under its compact hood. Improvements were made starting with the actual aluminium case: we no longer use the "BASIC" model of our ALUTEC boxes but upgraded to the "CLASSIC" series instead. All features at a glance:
  • Lightweight yet solid, and corrosion-, weather- and temperature-resistant, Made from 0.8 mm thick aluminium
  • Sturdy lid that opens wide for more comfort, sporting two catch straps for hinge relief
  • Container and lid have been reinforced, with quality aluminium profiles.
  • Shock-proof and stable construction, with embossed reinforcing beads
  • Space-saving edge frame construction, making the box stackable
  • Dust and splash-proof, due to its long-lasting rubber seal
  • Robust, securely locking lever-action, with cylinder locks
  • Ergonomic, self-collapsing safety handles, featuring heavy-duty, non-slip plastic coating
Like other KitchenBoxes, we seal our Micro from the inside with silicone to protect it against wet conditions. And with just 430 x 335 x 270 millimetres, our KiBo Micro should find its new home about just anywhere, even in the smallest spot. In this first package, you'll receive your KiBo Micro with a worktop of your choice. Fancy the top plate to be made of dark Acacia wood or light Paulownia wood that also weighs less? For comparison: the Paulownia top come in at 800 grams, the acacia one weighs 1,890 grams. No matter which version you choose, both wooden tops are varnished on both sides and thus kept protected from moisture. We always ensure that the lacquers we use are German TÜV-tested and proudly carry their “Blue Angel” badge. It’s only good stuff in our box! It’s only good stuff in our box! If you prefer using your own cutlery, pots and pans and plates and bowls, then this package is the right choice for you. Climate protection in real life: When you buy a Kitchen Box, a small tree gets planted by PLANT-MY-TREE® and will spend its life contributing to our atmosphere and environment! Once you've completed your purchase, you will receive an individual tree certificate with your personal tree number and its exact GPS location. Together we can make a difference protecting and regrowing Germany's forests - read the whole story here.