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  • Cutting board

    KiBo Small Cutting Board


    We now offer an integrated chopping board as a handy option for your KiBo. Finally, plenty of space for chopping whatever lands in the pan after! Our cutting boards have been built for frequent and intense use and feature optimum hygiene properties, thanks to their longevity and durability.

  • Sale! Windshield

    KiBo Windshield


    Easy to assemble, fits perfectly and super practical! Three ways of describing our KiBo windshield. It’s made from stainless steel, so it’s made to withstand not only wind but even rain. It weighs 1.7kg and has a thickness of 1mm. and will withstand even stronger winds. Another bonus is the excellent heat conductivity. Our KiBo…

  • KiBo Miracle Cloth

    KiBo Wondercloth


    Do good stuff and talk about it! It’s how we look at the world and how we’re trying to conduct ourselves. Together with our “Carefree Package”, you have the option of ordering the “Wondercloth” as an alternative to kitchen roll. Our KiBo Wondercloth fully replaces conventional paper fibre with bamboo fibre, which is a renewable…

  • CP 250 gas cartridge

    CP 250 gas cartridge


    The CP 250 gas cartridge sports a self-locking safety valve and can easily be removed from your cooker, even if not fully emptied yet. That’s a great advantage when transporting the cartridges, storing them after use, or operating more than one appliance with the same cartridge. Campingaz®valve cartridges can be bought in many countries around…

  • Tableware set

    Tableware set


    If you’re looking for a spare tableware set for your KiBo then you can buy one here. It’s the same enamel tableware we offer as part of our “Carefree Package”, and consists of: 1x enamel plate (diam. 26 cm) 1x enamel cup (diam. 6 cm) 1x enamel bowl (diam. 16 cm)

  • Coaster

    KiBo coaster


    Our KiBo coaster is an ecological and stylish solution for placing your cups anywhere. They are made from a thin slice of a real tree. It’s even still got the bark on!

  • Camping crockery

    2-3 person camping cookware


    This extremely light and compact camping cookware can be entirely stacked inside itself. It consists of a tea kettle, a tall pot and a low pot that can also be used as a pan or wok. It also comes with two small aluminium cups and a folding cutlery set. Because it is produced to be…

  • Sale! PRIMUS cutlery set

    PRIMUS cutlery set „Fashion“


    A unique accessory for your kitchen box, consider adding this nice PRIMUS cutlery set featuring a spoon, knife and fork made of high-quality stainless steel in a new design. When on the move, a heat-resistant and handy ring made of silicone holds the cutlery neatly together. Just as the entire concept of the Kitchenbox is…




    Alutec Basic 40 is the aluminium crate we use for our KiBo Small. ALUTEC Basic 40 is the aluminium crate we use for our Kibo Small. ALUTEC boxes are light, stable and corrosion, weather and temperature resistant. They are made of 0.8 mm thick, high-quality aluminium and feature robust and securely closing lever lockswith holes…