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Powerbank or Battery?

Customers write us from time to time to find out if we could deliver our KiBo Medium “Let it flow!” with a power bank or regular battery.
We totally get why we’re being asked and where you guys are coming from. Until recently, we still had photos of the first KiBo Medium “Let it flow!” models showing our initial prototype box. Here, a slim power bank was used.

Yet despite choosing an ultra-high capacity bank, we couldn’t operate our pump at full power.
For this reason, we reverted to using our current 12 volt AGM batteries. They come with the following features:

Product details
Capacity (Ah):3,4Ah
Dimension:L:134mm x B:67mm x H:67mm
Connectors:F1 flat plug – Faston (4,8mm)
max. charging current: 0,96A
Cycle stability:1550 at 30% DOD
Trickle charge:13,8V
max. end of charge voltage14,8V
Circuit:Pole end
Battery technology:AGM glass-fibre fleece
Powerbank or Battery?
Extremely cycle-resistant 12 Volt AGM high-performance battery. The battery is designed for heavy use and has a design life of at least 10 years.
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