There’s no limit to creativity

Once again, it’s our top model taking centre stage: the KiBo Medium “Let it flow!” OK, we’ll readily admit that this special box has our undivided attention at the moment: It might well be the most complex cooking box ever made!
For a full camping kitchen that includes a sink, water tank, 12-volt battery and full electrics PLUS two large storage compartments, our KiBo Medium is still really small at just 77.5 x 38.5 x 32.5 cm. Which was precisely what we were looking to achieve during its development: keeping it as compact as possible. It took creativity to get there!

This high-end model is already available in our shop, but development and improvements will continue.
We felt it should be easier to charge your mobile phone, laptop or drone in the middle of nature. We didn’t want to bog you down with a power cable extension, and since the KiBo required electricity anyway due to its high-quality drinking water pump, we equipped the box with a powerful 12-volt battery.

You can now charge several devices simultaneously thanks to its easily accessible two USB ports and cigarette lighter port. In addition, a built-in display keeps you informed of its battery status.
Simply plug in your charging cable externally without having to lift the top first. Super handy when your cooker is already set up and you’re in the middle of cooking up a delicious meal.


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