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Our customers often have some great ideas, and here comes another small but convenient improvement we’re grateful for. All of your feedback regarding future improvements is very much appreciated, as it helps us continuously increase the quality of our KitchenBox.

As you may have read, our ALUTEC boxes are sealed with rubber all around the lid. This keeps moisture from penetrating the KiBo from above, so it can be left outside even when it rains.
But what about the bottom of the box? We didn’t actually consider this “downside” until now, but if a puddle was to form during rain showers, water might start seeping in from the bottom. Who likes a damp KitchenBox? Not us, for sure!

So from now on, we shall seal all boxes from the inside with silicone – no more water there! We are also planning some video reviews to demonstrate the differences between sealed and non-sealed KiBos in contact with water.

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