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When I founded KitchenBox out of my garage back in autumn 2020, I knew I also wanted to give something back to our environment! As someone passionate about camping, nature has always been super close to my heart, especially the forest.
It can be genuinely heartbreaking seeing the many diseased and dead trees on hiking tours through the beautiful Harz mountains. Unfortunately, it’s not a rare phenomenon: many of our German forests are struggling, displaying symptoms of ill health over vast stretches. Yet a healthy forest is so essential for all of us: Trees not only bind carbon dioxide and produce oxygen but also improve soil properties by storing water. They also offer natural protection against erosion and an optimal habitat for all those different animal, insect and plant species.

There are many more factors to how trees and nature work their magic, which I shouldn’t really elaborate on right here. But if you’d like to learn more about it, check the link below!

On the path to more sustainability

During my extensive research into sustainability, I also compared different foundations focusing on nature conservation. . My goal was to team up with a trustworthy organisation operating similarly “bespoke” like myself. It just didn’t feel right to simply donate whatever cash amount to one of the well-known transnational environmental organisations. At last, I stumbled upon the website of PLANT-MY-TREE®. They are a German organisation based in Mülheim an der Ruhr and adhere to the following four ethical principles:

PLANT-MY-TREE® plant mainly in our home country, in Germany – this keeps them regional, traceable and you can actually visit their forests in person.

PLANT-MY-TREE®’s processes and the documents they issue are TÜV-certified according to DIN ISO 9001:2015.

They take care of initial afforestation, forest conversion, forest protection and forest regeneration.

They transfer their own reforested areas over to “PLANT-MY-TREE. The Foundation”, thus accompanying their projects for at least 99 years.

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You’ll receive an actual certificate!

The really cool and personal aspect here is that you can buy individual trees! You’re receiving a tree certificate and thus become a tree sponsor. The exact individual geocoordinates of your planted tree are printed on the certificate, giving you the opportunity to even visit your piece of forest. Hard to beat in terms of sustainability!

I felt that it would be a great idea to give each KiBo customer a tree as a gift. That way, a small tree will be planted for every KitchenBox sold, contributing to the protection of our nature.
Since that day, each customer receives an individual tree certificate with their tree number and its exact location. It’s our way of actively helping to protect and reforest the German forests.

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