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Designed for all camping and fishing enthusiasts, hikers, horse riders, sailors and all other nature lovers, KiBo offers a compact and lightweight outdoor kitchen solution for your culinary adventures. It’s the essential travel companion for anyone wanting to cook anywhere!

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KiBo Cutting Board

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Discover our KitchenBox

Despite its compact dimensions of just 560 x 370 x 245 millimetres, KiBo Small is a real space miracle. In addition to the high-quality single-burner gas cooker by CAMPINGAZ, it also offers plenty of room for a set of pots, plates, cups, mugs, spices, a windbreak, and much more.

Carefully selected woods and materials help to keep this portable outdoor kitchen extremely lightweight. Fully equipped, our smallest model weighs less than 10 kilograms. Pots are made of super thin and light aluminium, and due to excellent heat conduction, your water will start boiling fast. The cooker has an output of 2,200 watts.
Our shop offers you several options to choose between different equipment variants and worktops. You’ll get a KitchenBox that is perfectly tailored to your needs!
Got any other special requests regarding the box layout or equipment? No problem: simply let us know your requirements via our contact form, and we’ll be happy to discuss your ideas with you.

Protecting our beautiful nature is what matters most to us!

With every KiBo we sell, we support sustainable nature and climate projects in Germany.
How does it work? Whenever someone purchases a KiBo, we plant a tree: one for every KitchenBox sold. We partner with a company equally passionate about the environment and climate protection in Germany as us, and they take care of our trees for us. So let’s get growing!

Everyone at KITCHEN BOX loves to be out and about in nature, and we’ve sadly had to witness first-hand how one of Germany’s largest forests, the Harz, has been impacted by damage over the last 30 years. Making small contributions to strengthening our German forests by supporting reforestation projects like the one we partner with feels the right thing to do.

Join us to ensure that future generations can still experience beautiful green forests!

You can find more information HERE

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Do good stuff and talk about it!

It’s how we look at the world and how we’re trying to conduct ourselves.
Together with our “Carefree Package”, you have the option of ordering the “Wondercloth” as an alternative to kitchen roll. The cloth fully replaces conventional paper fibre with bamboo fibre, i.e. a renewable and sustainable resource.

Our “Wondercloth” has fantastic moisture and dirt absorption capacity. It deals with almost any kind of liquid, including fats and oils. When it’s dirty, simply give it a quick rinse in cold water, and it’ll be good to go! Machine-washing it at 60 degrees will make it brand new again. Best of all, it’s certified according to the German OEKO-TEX STANDARD 100.
Get your “Wondercloth” from our Accessories section!

Our KiBo Small

is our entry model into the world of outdoor cooking. You’ll rightly feel spoiled for choice when ordering one: Fancy the top plate to be made of dark Acacia wood or light Paulownia wood that also weighs less? For comparison: the two Paulownia tops come in at 800 grams, the acacia one weighs 1,890 grams.

No matter which version you choose, both wooden tops are varnished on both sides and thus kept protected from moisture.
We always ensure that the lacquers we use are German TÜV-tested and proudly carry their “Blue Angel” badge. It’s only good stuff in our box! It’s only good stuff in our box!

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